Tbilisi International Piano Competition

The Second Tbilisi International Piano Competition was held between 7-20 October, 2001 in Tbilisi. 42 contestants from 15 countries took part in the competition. Drawing of lots and the festive Opening Ceremony of the competition was held on October 7 at the Tbilisi Music Centre.  The inaugural Concert featured The Tbilisi Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Djansug Kakhidze and soloist – Eliso Virsaladze. The finalists at the 4th Round were accompanied by the Tbilisi Symphony Orchestra, conductor – Vakhtang Jordania (USA). The Closing and Awarding Ceremony & Prizewinners’ Gala Concert took place on October 20 at the Centre of Music and Culture. In the framework of the Competition, prominent musicians, jury members:  Eliso Virsaladze and Dmitri Bashkirov conducted master classes for conservatoire students at the Tbilisi State Conservatoire Grand Hall. 


The Grand Hall of the Conservatoire was built between 1938 – 1941. The festive inauguration of the Hall (after its reconstruction; architect Sh. Tavadze took place on January 28, 1942. Since then the Hall has become one of the significant centers of concert life of Tbilisi. In different years outstanding Georgian and foreign musicians appeared on its stage. Among them are: V. Ferero, S. Richter, D. Oistrach, E. Gilels, L. Kogan, G. Neighaus, M. Rostropovich, E. Obraztsova, N. Gutman, L. Leonskaia, A. Virsaladze, D. Andghuladze, N. Andghuladze, T. Amirejibi, E. Virsaladze, L. Isakadze and many others. Since early 60s the traditions of guest musicians’ tours has been restored that was caused by “warming” of political situation in Georgian. In 1963 the three manual and fourty register “Alexander Schuke Potsdam” organ was installed in the Grand Hall. In the 80s during the political and economical crisis in Georgia the Hall stopped its functioning. In the second half of 90s the restoration of the Hall began under the initiative of Prof. Manana Doijashvili, the rector of the Conservatoire at the time. Since 1997 the Hall again has turned into the major cultural centre of the capital. It seats an audience of 500 and has superb acoustic qualities providing the facilities for chamber music and symphony concerts. Its revolving stage and pit for orchestra allow opera performances. The Hall prides itself on two “Steinway & Sons” concert grand pianos. Besides it has digital audio-recording studio facilities which meet all modern international standards. 
Since 1997 the Grand Hall has hosted annual international festival, New Year Music Celebrations, which features concerts of outstanding contemporary musicians, The Grand Hall, also, hosts various concerts of classical and folk music, International Symposia on Traditional Polyphony and cultural events like the Georgian Competition of Musician-Performers and the Tbilisi International Piano Competition. 


Nodar Mamisashvili (1930) – a composer, theorist, vice-president of the National academy, corresponding member of the Engineering Academy. 
In 1956 he graduated from the V. Sarajishvili Tbilisi State Conservatoire Composition faculty under Prof. Andrea Balanchivadze. At present he is a professor at the same Chair. 
N. Mamisashvili has composed the ballet “Three Keys”, children’s opera “Bakia Bachia”, 4 piano concerti, choral oratorios and cycles, symphonies, pieces for orchestra, organ, piano and more. He has written music for plays and films; also, he is an author of a number of scientific works.
Mamisashvili’s works have been issued and recorded. They are performed in the USA, Russia, Belgium, Germany, England, Poland, Ukraine. 
 The obligatory work “Scherzo barbaro” by Nodar Mamisashvili was composed in 1979. It is the 4th part of the piano cycle “Pages of a Lyric Diary”. It is written in a “three phase composition” musical system. This piece demonstrates both sound-acoustic variety of the instrument and its virtuoso possibilities, which serve to create one complete artistic image. It may be conditionally called “Revolt of Wild Forces”. The second version of this work was done in 1983. The first interpreter is I. Smirnov. 


Jacob Katsnelson  (Russia)   was awarded Third Prize US$ 5 000
- The “Classica” LTD. for the best performance of a classical sonata in the second round: Award “Fantasy” – a composition in silver and enamel. 

Daniel Hill (Australia) was awarded Third Prize US$ 5 000
- The Tbilisi Municipality, “Culture Salvation Fund” award – For the artistic aptitude a composition in bronze “Magic Note”. 
- The Georgian Ministry of Culture and Monuments Protection award for the best performance in the Semifinal: “Muse” – a figure in gilt bronze. 

Nino Gvetadze (Georgia) – Semifinalist
- The Georgian Pipeline Company Prize To the best Georgian performer – the “ Alexandre Nizharadze Prize” - US $ 500 
- The Georgian International Oil Corporation Prize - scholarship for Georgian Pianist - US $ 500 

Ketevan Sepashvili (Georgia) – Semifinalist
- The Georgian Pipeline Company Prize To the best Georgian performer – the “Alexandre Nizharadze Prize” - US $ 500 
- The Georgian International Oil Corporation Prize - scholarship for Georgian Pianist - US $ 500 

Alexandr Iakobidze-Guitman (Russia) – Semifinalist
- The Georgian Music Competitions Fund Prize To the foreign participant – for the best performance of a Georgian composer’s work US $ 500

Viatcheslav Griaznov (Russia) – Semifinalist
- The Georgian Music Competitions Fund Prize - “Audience’s sympathy” - US $ 500

The Tbilisi State conservatoire Grand Hall Prize - to all semifinalists – CDs with the recording of the 3rd Round Performance. 

H.E. Mr. George Khosroev – Ambassador, Republic of Armenia
H.E. Mr. Hajan Hajiev – Ambassador, Republic of Azerbaijan
H.E. Mr. Zhang Yougquan  - Ambassador, The People’s Republic of China
H.E. Mrs. Mireille Musso – Ambassador, Republic of France
H.E. Mr. Uwe Schramm – Ambassador, Federal Republic of Germany
H. E. Mrs. Rivka Cohen – Ambassador, State of Israel
H.E. Mr. Michelahgelo Pipan – Ambassador, Republic of Italy
H.e. Mr. Vladimir Gudev – Ambassador, Russian Federation
H.E. Mr. Stefan Speck – Ambassador, Switzerlad
H.E. Mr. Stephane Volkovetski – Ambassador, Ukraine
H.E. Mrs. Debora Barns Jones – Ambassador, The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Mr. Philip Remiler – Chaarge de Affairs, The USA
Mrs. Regina Iakobidze – Honorary Consul, Republic of Latvia


Gogi Topadze Fund


Tbilisi Municiality “Culture Salvation Fund”. 
SOLO – Assistance To Young Georgian Musicians Fund
LTD “Classica”. 
Enamel Art Galery


First Prize not awarded

Left to Right:

  1. Murad ADIGEZALZADE (Azerbaijan, II Prize)
  2. Maria MASSYTCHEVA (Russia, VI Prize)
  3. Maki SEKIYA (Japan, V Prize)
  4. Tanja CHERNICHKA (Russia, IV Prize)
  5. Daniel HILL (Australia, III Prize)
  6. Jacob KATSNELSON (Russia, III Prize)



  1. Arnis Zandmanis (Latvia)
  2. Gerard Fremy (France)
  3. Stanislav Igolinski (Russia)
  4. Dario de Rosa (Italy)
  5. Andrzej Jasinski (Poland)
  1. Tengiz Amiredjibi (Georgia)
  2. Piers Lane (Great Britain)
  3. Mark Malkovich, III (USA)
  4. Edisher Rusishvili (Georgia)
  1. Manana Doidjashvili (Georgia, Chairman)
  2. Eliso Virsaladze - Honorary Guest (Georgia)
  3. Dario de Rosa (Italy)
  1. Pnina Salzman (Israel)
  2. Gerard Fremy (France)

    Tamar Lortkipanidze - Executive Secretary of the Jury (Georgia)

MARK  MALKOVICH III (USA)- Wonderful competition! I don’t have enough praising words to express how well it is organised. The competition has a great future. Nowhere I have met such an erudite audience.
ARNIS ZANDMANIS (Lithuania)- Taking  into consideration that the Tbilisi Competition is very “young”,
It  could be mentioned that in a very short period of time it has gained  a good reputation in the world of music. The contestants with high professional level have been seriously chosen. In my opinion the participation in this competition is rather difficult, but the winning –is prestigious. The Georgian piano school  has something attractive, which includes ,as a rule, refined artistic taste . 
DARIO  DE  ROSA (Italy)- This competition is exciting! It is really a competition of high level.
Many really gifted young pianists have taken part in it
ANDRZEJ  JASINSKI (Poland)- The Competition takes place on such a high level, that the impression is made that we are in economically strong and provided country. Though it is known that far not so!  Of course the merit of Manana Doijashvili in it is unconditional and indisputable. Nevertheless it seems that, for Georgia, known for its rich cultural traditions, still exists a fine background for development of musical art.
STANISLAV IGOLINSKI (Russia)- The competition has been organised perfectly!.The Jurors have been selected   successfully– they  represent different schools and directions.
PIERS  LANE (Great Britain) -All of the Jurors agree that the general standard of the Tbilisi competition is exceedingly high. I’d like to say some words about the Georgian audience. It is so heartening to have seen so many young people listening with rapt attention throughout all stages of the competition. This is not the case in many other countries. It gives one hope for the future, to see the seeds of tradition and history and love of music being so successfully sown in Georgia.
GERARD  FREMY (France)- The Competition has been perfectly organized. All details have been thought through. I would like to thank personally Manana Doijashvili who has done everything to make us feel comfortable and at home. The Georgian pianists have been well prepared I think that the Tbilisi Competition and Georgian piano school have  good future


Sixth prize Maria Massytcheva, Russia

Fifth prize Maki Sekiya, Japan

Fourth prize, Tanja Chernichka, Russia

Third prize, Daniel Hill, Australia

Third prize, Daniel Hill, Australia

Third prize, Daniel Hill, Australia

Third prize, Jacob Katsnelson, Russia

Second prize, Murad Adigezalzade, Azerbaijan

Fifth prize Maki Sekiya, Japan