Tbilisi International Piano Competition

The Competition received about 140 entries from 18 countries. As the result of preliminary audition by audio cassettes, 43 pianists from 15 countries were selected to participate in the competition. A total of 25 participants from 11 countries (Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Italy, Ecuador, Peru, China, S.Korea, Poland, Japan) took part in drawing of lots.
Drawing lots for performance order was held on the 1st of October, Conservatoire Grand Hall (foyer). The program of festive Opening Concert featured Alexander Korsantia, Georgian pianist, a Jury member. The finalists at the Fourth Round were accompanied by the E. Mikeladze National Symphony Orchestra, conductor - Andres Mustonen (Estonia). The festive Closing ceremony and the Prizewinner’s Concert took place on the 14th of October. In the framework of the Competition traditional International Piano Masterclasses were organised. Prominent musicians, jury members: Sergio Perticaroli (Italy), Susan Starr (USA), Emanuel Krasovsky (Israel), Peter Donohoe (Great Britain) and a honorary guest of the Competition Jean-Paul Sevilla (France) conducted masterclasses at the Conservatoire Recital Hall.


The Conservatoire Grand Hall was built in 1938-1941, when the conservatoire building was undergoing its first reconstruction (Architect: Shalva Tavadze). It was festively opened on January 28, 1942. In 1963 a three manual and forty register “Alexander Schuke Potsdam” organ was installed in the Grand Hall. Its timbre and register specifications were perfectly adjusted to the Hall’s acoustics. Over the years famous organ players such as Isay Braudo, James Dalton, Jean Guillou, Garry Grodberg, Hugo Lepnurm and Leonid Roizman have performed on this remarkable instrument. Renowned Georgian organ player Eter Mgaloblishvili’s career is also inextricably linked with this organ.
During ten years, (1987 – 1997), the Grand Hall did not function. On Manana Doidjashvili’s initiative and the Georgian government’s support the Hall has been restored and renovated, in the result of which the Hall has once again become a very significant cultural center for our capital. In 1998 the Georgian Parliament together with the Republic of Germany restored the organ. The Grand Hall has a seating capacity of 500; it is remarkable in terms of acoustics and can host both symphony and chamber concerts. The orchestra pit makes it possible to perform operas there as well. The Hall has digital audio-recording studio, organ, two “Steinway & Sons” concert grand pianos and all facilities which meet modern standards. 
 Since 1997 the Grand Hall has hosted annual international festival New Year Music Celebrations.
They feature outstanding contemporary musicians performing, classical and folk music, as well as jazz. The Grand Hall hosts various cultural events like the Georgian Competitions of Musician-Performers and the Tbilisi International Piano Competition, International Symposia on Traditional Polyphony, as well as book presentations, exhibitions of paintings etc.



NODAR GABUNIA (1933 - 2000) Georgian famous pianist, composer and teacher. People's Artist of Georgia, (1982), the Laureate of Z. Paliashvili  State Prizes, (1985), the Rector of Tbilisi State Conservatoire (1984-2000), the Secretary of the Board of Georgian Composers and Musicologists (1973-1979), Chairman (1996-1997). Having brilliantly completed (1957)graduate and post-graduate studies(1961) in piano and composing at the Moscow Conservatory (his teachers were Goldenveiser and Aram Khachaturian(1962) he returned to Tbilisi state Conservatoire (1962).
In the 1970, he accomplished a grand project of performing all 32 sonatas by Beethoven. He was one of the first to perform Bartok’s Sonata for two pianos and percussion, 2nd and 3rd concertos and Prokofiev’s 9th sonata. In 1981 he was awarded a special medal by the Hungarian Government for his performance of Bartok’s music.
In the 1970, he accomplished a grant project of performing all 32 sonatas by Bethoven. In the last years of his life, he madexseveral recordings, including Bach Goldberg Variations, Beethoven and Grieg Piano Concerti.
As a composer, Nodar Gabunia preferred to work in the Chamber Music and Symphonic genres. He is the  author 3 symphonies, 3 piano concertos, concerto for violin and orchestra, 2 string quartets, 3 piano sonatas, a piano trio, 2 song cycles and numerous other compositions. One of his acclaimed works, music for theatre and films, the Fable by Sulkhan Saba (1964) has been awarded the Grand Prix of Unesco  International Music Competition (1973).
Nodar Gabunia as a teacher  formed many generations of outstanding pianists (V. Shiukashvili, N. Tsvereli, N. Kasradze, K.Badridze and others) Since 2002  Nodar Gabunia National Piano Competition has been established.

Nodar Gabunia's "Improvization and toccata", composed in 1962, has been chosen as the obligatory piece at the competition. It is mainly based on Georgian rhythms and intonations interweaved with the traditions of West European classical music; jazz elements are, also, vividly audibale in this piece. Performing "Improvization and toccata" requires rich sound pallette, rhythmical accuracy, pianistic freedom, sense of form and unique perception of dramatic development of the composition.

EVGHENY BRAKHMAN (Russia) - I PRIZE - US $ 10, 000 and commemorative medal.
- The Tbilisi City Hall Award - For Artistry - bronze statuette “MAGIC NOTE”;
- The Ministry of Culture, Monuments Protection and Sports of Georgia Award – For the Best Recital in the Semifinal - gilt bronze figurine “MUSE”.

DINARA KLINTON (Ukraine)  - II PRIZE - US $ 7, 000 and commemorative medal
- Embassy of Poland in Georgia Prize – For the Best Performance of a Chopin Etude - US $ 1 000;
- N.Gabunia National Piano Competition Prize - For the Best foreign performer of a Georgian composer’s work - US $ 1000.

VAKHTANG JORDANIA (Georgia) - III PRIZE - US $ 5, 000 “The Bob Meijer Award” and commemorative medal
- Georgian Music Competitions Fund Prize - For the Best performance of a Classical Sonata in the 2nd Round - US $ 1000;
- Scholarship granted by The First Lady of Georgia, Sandra Elisabeth Roelofs, Founder and Director of the Association for Promotion of Classical Music– For the Best Georgian Participant - US $1 000.

  • Georgian Music Competitions Fund Prize - “The Alfred Cortot Award” – For the Best Performance of Romantic Music US $ 3 000 - NATIA BERAIA, ANA GLIGVASHVILI (Georgia)
  • Embassy of Germany in Georgia Prize – For the best performance of a Bach “Prelude & Fugue” - US $ 1 000 - TINATIN KIKNADZE (Georgia).
  • Embassy of Italy in Georgia Prize – For the best performance of a Scarlatti Sonata - US $ 1 000 – ANDRES ANAZCO (Ecuador).
  • Embassy of Czech Republic in Georgia Prize – For the youngest participant in the Semi-Final - US $ 1 000- ANA GOGAVA (Georgia).
  • BAGEBEY CITY GROUP Corporation Prize - For the Best Georgian performer of a Georgian composer’s work - US $ 1 000 - TINATIN KIKNADZE (Georgia).
  • Maia Adamia- Griffin Incentive Prize – For the best Semifinalist not admitted to the Final “ - US $ 500 - NATIA BERAIA (Georgia).
  • All semifinalists have got the Conservatoire Grand Hall award – CDs with a recording of the 3rd Round Performance
  • All semifinalists were awarded Honorary Diplomas.


  • Masterclass and concert at the “3rd Liszt in Vredenburg Festival -With Liszt through Europe” – arr. by International Franz Liszt Piano Competition, Utrecht, the Netherlands (2009 October/ November); 
  • Christmas concert – arr. by the YPF National Piano Competition - The Netherlands (2009, December);
  • “Newport Music Festival” – Newport, USA (2010, July);
  • “New Year Music Celebrations” International Festival of the V. Sarajishvili Tbilisi State Conservatoire Grand Hall - Tbilisi, Georgia (2010, December);
  • Concert for the best Georgian performer with the E. Mikeladze National Symphony Orchestra- arr. by the Georgian National Music Centre - (2010);
  • Recital at the “Cortot Hall” – arr. by Marina Kobiashvili, Director of “LUDOMUSIC” school - Paris, France (2010);
  • Recital in Kiev– arr. by International Competition for Young Pianists in Memory of Vladimir Horowitz – Ukraine (2010);
  • Festival “Deutschlandberger Klavierfruhling” - Germany (Spring, 2010);
  • Two recitals in Poland: Concert Hall of the “’Chopin Centre” (Warsaw) & the Lodz Philharmonic - arr. by Fryderyk Chopin Institute (2010, March);
  • Concert in Austria for the Best Georgian Performer – arr. by “Solo” Fund of Assistance to Young Georgian Musicians (2010, March).

Honorary Committee included the Ambassadors of diplomatic missions accredited in Georgia, representing such countries as: 

-    Ambassador of the United States of America H. E. JOHN BASS
-    Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany H.E. Dr. PATRICIA FLOR
-    Ambassador of the Republic Estonia H. E. TOOMAS LUKK
-    Ambassador of Republic of Italy H.E. VITTORIO SANDALLI
-    Ambassador of Republic of Poland H.E. URSZULA DOROSZEWSKA
-    Ambassador of the Republic of France H. E. ERIC FOURNIER
-    Ambassador of the Czech Republic H.E. IVAN JESTRAB


Left to Right:


First row
Left to Right: 

  1. Aquiles Delle Vigne    (Argentina)
  2. Nino Kereselidze    (Georgia/Spain)
  3. Manana Doidjashvili     (Georgia) Chairman
  4. Susan Starr    (USA)
  5. Peter Cosse    (Austria)
  6. Bao Huiqiao    (China)

Second row
Left to Right:

  1. Olivier Gardon    (France)
  2. Philip Jenkins    (Great Britain)
  3. John Roos     (South Africa)
  4. Peter Donohoe    (Great Britain)
  5. Emanuel Krasovsky    (Israel)
  6. Sergio Perticaroli    (Italy)
  7. Alexander Korsantia    (Georgia)

Maia Adamia-Griffin - Executive Secretary of the Jury (Georgia-Great Britain)

OLIVIER GARDON _ “The Competition is organized on a very high level , all conditions have been created for comfortable work, which is certainly Mrs. Manana Doidjashvili’s merit. The level of the competition is rather high. The Georgians have rich piano performing traditions which are tenderly passed to younger generations”.

WARREN THOMSON, OAM _ “I am really happy to attend the Competition of such high level and in such a wonderful environment. As to the organizational side of the Competition- I am simply delighted, it is fantastic! I know quite well how much work and dedication are necessary for its organization. I see it well and highly appreciate!”

AQUILLES DELLE VIGNE _ “There are a lot of competitions with different level in the world. The 4th Tbilisi International Piano Competition belongs to the high rank competitions. I would like to say that Tbilisi was real a discovery for me. Thank you so much for the wonderful Competition, the wonderful days, the wonderful friendship and the wonderful quality of everything”....

MARC CASTELAIN _ “I am really impressed and delighted by the conditions created for the Jury, Honorary Guests and the participants of the Competition, by the Grand Concert Hall with its amazing acoustics, brilliant instruments and all atmosphre in which the Competition is being held”.

JOHN ROOS _ “The uniquiness of the Tbilisi International Piano Competition is conditioned by numerous factors- beginning with its geographical position and ending by its traditions and inborn musicality. I would like to especially mention the objective principle of selecting the contestants which excludes the decision achieved through the discussion to evaluate this or that contestant”...

PHILIP JENKINS _ “The organization of the Competition is absolutely unique and perfect. All conditions have been made for the comfortable work of the Jury”.

EMANUEL KRASOVSKY _ “The Competition is organised on a very high level and amazingly friendly atmosphere reigns there . Many gifted, interesting and already established musicians have gathered in Tbilisi which is very pleasant and at the same time represents a subject of envy for many international competitions”.

YOKO TSUNEKAWA _ “General level of the competition is really high. I was really impressed by the Georgian participants- strong personality, internal expression and perfect technique posibilities have been revealed by them. I would like to mention in particular the wonderful acoustics of the Grand Hall”.

PETER DONOHOE _ “I can only tell you my impression of a competition as an organization, which is absolutely fantastic. I was very impressed by everything. I have not been very experienced jury member. I am a performer, I am playing most of the time and I’ve been on 8 or 9 competitions in my life. But this is by far the most impressive”.


V prize, Scipione Sangiovanni, Italy

V prize, Scipione Sangiovanni, Italy

IV prize, Giuliano Mazzoccante, Italy

III prize, Szczepan Konczal, Poland

III prize, Szczepan Konczal, Polan

III prize, Szczepan Konczal, Poland

III prize, Vakhtang Jordania, Georgia

II prize, Dinara Klinton, Ukraine

I prize, Evgheny Brakhman, Russia

III prize, Vakhtang Jordania, Georgia