The Fryderyk Chopin Competition for Young Pianists

The  Fryderyk Chopin Competition for Young Pianists was established in 2008 by the Georgian Music Competitions Fund with the support of the Embassy of Poland in Tbilisi. The competition is biannual and is open to the young pianists of 12 -16 years (including), from all regions ofGeorgia

The First Fryderyk Chopin Competition for young pianists was held in Tbilisi, November 11-14, 2008. 10 musicians (between the ages of 12 and 16) from different regions of Georgia participated in the competition. The drawing of lots - November 11, at 11a.m. The competition consisted of one Round - November 12 -13 and took place at the Recital Hall of the Tbilisi  State Conservatoire. The award ceremony and the Gala Concert were held on November 14 at the Tbilisi State Conservatoire Grand Hall at 7.00 p.m.



1.  The competition consists of one round;
2. All competitors will bear the accommodation and travel expenses on their own;
3. The Competition is open to the public.
4. The program shall be performed from memory;
5. No changes in the submitted program will be accepted;
6. Actual timing of each work performed must be stated accurately and should correspond to the allotted time;
7. The order of performances in the Competition will be determined by drawing of lots;
8. All decisions of the Jury will be final and beyond appeal;
9. The Jury shall have the right not to award any of the prizes;
10. In the event of any recordings all rights belong to the Georgian Music Competitions Fund. 



Program (25-30 min):

1. One Etude by Chopin: op.10 N4 or N8

2. One or more pieces by Chopin

3. Piece by Georgian Composer (about 6 min.)



I Prize - 1500 GEL

II Prize – 800 GEL

III Prize – 500 GEL


Special Prizes:

“For Artistry”

“For the best performance of the work of a Georgian composer”

The Georgian Music Competitions Fund
Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Georgia

  • I prize – 1500 GEL – Lekso Pirmisashvili
  • II prize – 800  GEL – Ana Kipiani
  • III prize – 500 GEL– Ana Gogava

Special prize – “For the best performance of the Georgian composer’s work”

  • Tamar Chemia (Kutaisi)
  • Eter Tsqipurishvili (Kutaisi)
  1. Tengiz Amirejibi (Chairman)
  2. Revaz Tavadze
  3. Manana Doijashvili
  4. Nana Dimitriadi
  5. Edisher Rusishvili